Friends of Marshall Square Park
Meeting Minutes
May 31, 2006
Jeff Beitel, Holly Brown, Dianne Herrin, Dot Laume, Lane Randall, Jim Salvas, Linda Scott, Tom  McEvoy, Anne Walters.
Review of Minutes
Jim Salvas read the minutes of the April 26 meeting and they were accepted.
Review and Reports from Committees
Representative to Borough
Anne Walters reported she had submitted our priority list to the Parks & Recreation Department.
Treasurer’s Report
Jeff Beitel reported that the current balance in our checking account was $1,700.00. According to Jeff, there are currently 19 paid memberships, including 4 individual memberships, 9 family memberships , 1 business membership and 9 seniors.  In addition to membership dues, donations have been received for amounts up to $150.00. Jim Salvas promised to write a thank-you note to be used to acknowledge donations.

In a continuing discussion of the need to communicate with new members, Lane Randall volunteered to create a database of membership information. Anne also noted the need for us to reach out beyond e-mail communications.
Dot Laume volunteered to take over membership committee duties including the aforementioned database. She also offered to coordinate with Parks & Recreation concerning a table for our group at Borough events.
Holly Brown reported we had netted approximately $800.00 from our first geranium sale. She indicated generally good experiences with the sales but suggested for future flower sales we order extra units for walk-in purchasers on the day of delivery.
Jim Salvas and Lane Randall discussed the possible sale of notecards based on winning photos from the recent contest. The general consensus was that we should hold off on printing and offering these cards until we assessed demand via sales of prints through Parks & Recreation.
New Business
Fountain Garden/Park Cleanup
The need to abate weeds in the fountain area was discussed. Since the Borough cannot supply the needed mulch, Anne volunteered to get prices on mulch.
Outdoor Art Auction
There are plans to display the outdoor artwork donated by MaryAnn Morgan-Porter at Holly Brown’s KALY retail store at 37 W. Gay Street, where raffle tickets for it will be available. Anne said she would coordinate this event with MaryAnn. Lane Randall also offered to obtain contact information for the “raffle guy” via the manager of the Second Reading Bookstore. Then someone would see if he would help with ticket sales. Lane and Jim also indicated they would take a photo of the artwork and add it to our Website.
Park Bulletin Board
Anne presented various bulletin board samples. It was generally agreed that a bulletin board should be high on our list of park projects, but that none of the samples met the needs in terms of cost or design.
The next meeting is scheduled for June 28 in the gazebo. In case of inclement weather, we will meet at West Chester Borough Hall.
The meeting adjourned.