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March 22, 2006

Attending (11)
Jeff Beitel, Chris Best, Holly Brown, Dot Laume, Maryann Morgan-Porter, Debbie Pekala, Shelagh Purnell, Lane Randall, Jim Salvas, Linda Scott, Anne Walters

Review of Minutes
Due to the low turnout at the previous meeting, the reading of minutes for that meeting was skipped.

Treasurer’s Report
No change since last time.

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Mission statement
Not mentioned.

Committee Reports
Committee reports were dispensed.


  • Fountain Area: Anne Walters presented a new design for the fountain area which would require removing the current plantings, cleaning and revamping the fountain basin and possibly retrieving and restoring the original fountain. New plantings proposed for the fountain area would include low-growing hollies, liriope, daffodils and daylillies.

    Anne estimated a professional installation of this new planting at approximately $3,200 plus the cost of mulch.

    Jeff suggested the cleanup of the fountain could coincide with the scheduled park cleanup day on 4/22, enlisting Public Works to help with heavy work such as stump and root removal.

    Holly Brown said she could be available to help on Sundays, but not on Saturdays.

    Debbie Pekala suggested we install signs asking for donations for the new plantings. There was a lively discussion of different ways to accomplish this work.

  • Dot Laume reviewed her suggestions for Park changes and improvements which could be supported by our group. See 2/22/06 Minutes for complete list (in purple at the bottom).

    Anne called for email input on these ideas and also reminded members to submit suggested priority goals for Parks & Recreation.

Other Items
  NOTE: Action Items are highlighted in this color (teal)

  • Parks & Recreation Department: Shelagh Purnell reported that the new mutt mitts are in and asked where we wanted them installed. She asked group representatives to mark the desired spots in the Park for this purpose.

    Shelagh distributed copies of the West Chester Urban Revitalization Plan’s 2005 update, highlighting items affecting Marshall Square Park. She wants our group to draw up a priority list of items for the Park.

    Shelagh also mentioned we should contact Judy at Borough Hall about scheduling our meeting room on a regular basis.

    Anne requested group members email ideas to her on the Revitalization Plan for discussion at our next meeting.

  • Photo Contest: Jim Salvas provided an update on the photo contest. It was suggested the contest be promoted via the photography classes at the local adult night school, the high schools and at local universities. Jim agreed to do this.

    Jim was still working on the contest entry form but has had over a dozen requests for contest information in addition to interest received via the Chester County Camera Club and the Collegium Charter School.

    Jim asked group members to help with soliciting contest prizes from local businesses.

  • Logo: Lane Randall reviewed work done on the logo to date and referenced favorable email about the logo but hadn’t brought them to read. Here they are now:
    That’s pretty darn cool. I really like it!!!
    The design is very interesting, and has a “stained-glass” qualilty to the flower (swales/footpaths). I did, however, prefer Jim Salvas' design, with its Victorian/Edwardian motif better, and the only thing I would add to his design might be that the lettering on that should be in Edwardian script, to give the logo/letterhead a big nod to our history here.

    Likewise, if the flower design is the final one you all have chosen, may I suggest that the lettering be in script of an “old-fashioned” style?

    I’m lovin’ it.

    I’m favoring E. Marshall, N. Franklin, etc., and letting the “st.” off to keep it as simple as possible...they do refer to actual people, which we may need history on. Who was Biddle and Matlack?

    If we can get him/her to a meeting, it may help us to finally make a decision and move on, as well as providing the guidance for making sure all the necessary elements for a professional design are present.  It may be that the SalRand design is perfect as is, and having the professional say so will be all that we need.

    I really like the idea of using the design of the swales and wonder if, instead of plain lines, there could be a drawing that would be similar to the swales (i.e. the bricks). I'd prefer use of North and East with the street names and to see Street printed out in full. I liked the black border that you used for the streets in an earlier logo version and wonder if the square around the “flower” might be removed. I, too, like the idea of playing around with the font. This one is Edwardian Script. [Font may not be displayed; not available on all computers. Webmaster]
    Lane and Jim: thanks for all of your hard work on this logo project! After some thought and conversation with several people; I would like to recommend again that we take all of the ideas presented so far for our logo and share them with a professional graphic artist and get some professional guidance and feedback on our efforts. This logo is very important for our group and is going to be the symbol that identifies our park for years to come. (Witness Everhart's logo) I think that a professional could help us sort out our ideas and offer some un-biased guidance and polish that could be valuable.

    The idea of using an easily recognizable symbol that identifies Marshall Square Park and its “uniqueness” is critical.

    I’m liking the design. It’s different. It’s like looking down on the park from the sky. Seems to represent the past and the future to me. And it’s not a tree or a flower, it shows that our park had a master design, there from the very beginning.
    I like the changes. Seems a very bold design. I don’t know if it might be a bit “softer” — perhaps trying it with the thinnest of the fonts you can use and/or making the swales just a smidgen smaller? Thanks again!!!
    Can you send me the most recent Friends MSP logo? I wanted to attach it to the minutes. I like it, btw.
    I am so impressed with your dedication to the park and what you are attempting to accomplish. I am hoping to attend a meeting one of these days. Meanwhile, I enjoy reading the minutes — and today, looking at the new/work in progress logo.

    Since I work for a design firm, I printed out the logo and showed it to one of the designers (not all of them) to get his opinion.

    He likes it (as do I), especially when I explained the contour/aerial view of the park. However, he did have one suggestion to loose the dark frame with the street names and incorporate “Marshall Square Park” within the design somehow. Might create a more interesting design in the sense that there is more “ohhhh” when the contours are explained — not just the fact that it looks like a flower. Just a thought.......

    Keep up the good work!

    Jeff Beitel made a motion to adopt the current “paths” logo design with possible changes by a graphic design consultant. Lane agreed to contact Laura Barton for professional input.

  • Fund Raising: Holly Brown presented a proposal for a geranium sale to benefit the Park, timed to coincide with Mothers Day. She suggested that an order form could be delivered door to door along with a membership form for our group.

    Jeff made a motion to act on this fund raising plan and use the money for the fountain replanting. This was approved by a vote of eight to zero (two abstentions).

    Holly said the geraniums could be sold in advance in a choice of four colors. Group members would take orders, and she would coordinate with her supplier for May 6th delivery to the Park where orders would be picked up.

    Holly will design an order form and have Lane computerize it.

    It was decided to table the discussion of a sign for donations and the subject of mulching for our next meeting.

  • Membership: Dot Laume presented an outline of a membership brochure/form. There was a discussion of the need to consider distribution of this form, the various levels of membership and the need for a membership card.

    Holly suggested we adopt the calendar year as the normal term of membership.

    Anne suggested incorporating the mission statement into the membership brochure and Dot pointed out that she had edited and paraphrased this statement into the brochure copy.

    Anne noted that comments on this new brochure should be emailed to Dianne Herrin via the web address on our Website.

    Jeff Beitel made a motion to adopt annual fees based on Dot Laume’s proposed schedule and the calendar year. This was unanimously approved by all present.Therefore, these fees are now due and payable for calendar year 2006.

    Debbie suggested adding a donation option to our Website. Jim Salvas made a motion to do this using the Click & Pledge service. This was unanimously approved, and Lane agreed to do it.

Next Meeting
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
7:00 PM, Borough Hall