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February 22, 2006

Attending (8)
Dan Hamilton, Dianne Herrin, Dot Laume, Lane Randall, Jim Salvas, Bill Scott, Linda Scott, Anne Walters.

Review of Minutes
The minutes from our last meeting were approved with no changes.

Treasurer’s Report
Treasurer not in attendance.

Please note: We are actively accepting donations!

Mission statement
Due to low attendance this was tabled to our next meeting.

Committee Reports
Due to small turn-out, committee reports were dispensed.

Other Items

  • Photography Contest: Jim Salvas reviewed plans for the First Annual Marshall Square Park Photo Contest, which our group is co-sponsoring along with the Chester County Camera Club. Entries are due May 20.
  • FMSP Logo: Lane and Jim created a new draft logo. It is an aerial view of the park's original paths as represented on this 1912 Map. The current draft is attached (separate file). Several members have commented, and we will revisit the logo at our next meeting.
  • Dot Laume presented suggestions for our group. They are presented below in purple and will be discussed at our next meeting.
  • Dot also expressed interest in helping with membership/public relations.
  • We discussed the need to create a plan of action for building our bank account, and this must include fundraising.


The group agreed we want to take on more projects in an effort to improve our visibility and heighten interest in our group.

  • Anne proposed restoring the overgrown fountain area on the northeast corner of the park, and attendees were receptive to this idea. She proposed doing this in phases.
    • Phase I would be a simple clean-out and re-landscaping of the fountain area with Victorian-era, low-lying plants and bulbs that will allow for a clear view of the fountain area.
    • Phase II would be to reinstall a new structure. Ideally, we'd like to obtain the original fountain or at least a close replica. There is a possibility we can locate the original fountain.
    • Phase III would be to pursue running water.
  • We reviewed the need for restoration around the gazebo, and Anne discussed the brick skirt designed some time ago. A possible cost of $15,000 was discussed, but we agreed a reassessment of cost is needed.
  • Clean-Up Day: Saturday, April 22, is "All Parks Clean-Up Day." We agreed to create and distribute a flyer to recruit volunteers and request donations for our group and projects.
Action Items
  • Anne will bring a landscaping plan for the fountain area to our next meeting.
  • Lane will follow-through with Holly to determine if she can continue in her role on the fundraising committee.
  • Dot will follow-through with Sue Casso to determine if they might partner together on membership/PR efforts.
  • Everyone: Please review the draft logo and send comments to Dianne Herrin for distribution to the group.

  • Bill will help with efforts to locate the original fountain.
  • Bill and Dianne will create a "clean-up day" flyer for distribution to our neighbors.
  • Fundraising ideas? Bring them to our next meeting!

Next Meeting
Wednesday, March 22, 2006
7:00 PM, Borough Hall

Dot Laume’s Suggestions for Marshall Square Park

  • Change placement of picnic tables from current "grove" pattern to individual sites that include several towards the perimeter of the park. My observation is that the tables were utilized more when they were more easily accessed from Matlack, Biddle, and Franklin Streets by those driving to the park.
  • Add benches, again placed throughout the park, including the edges and the basketball court and playground.
  • Change location of trash cans, perhaps adding some and making all more attractive. Need cans at all four corners of the park for access as people leave the park.
  • Install an unobtrusive "Community Bulletin Board" within the park. Perhaps by the recreational corner. Could include rules of park (e.g. doggie clean-up), announcements (e.g. Earth Day) and information, such as that about the Friends of the Park.
  • Develop informational handouts about the park, including brief history.
  • Re-design of toilet facilities to enable them to be open and available to the general public at all times.
  • Resume meetings of the Friends of the Park in the park itself when weather permits.

    D. Laume 2-22-06