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• West Chester, Pennsylvania

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January 25, 2006

Attending (6)
Jeff Beitel, Tom McEvoy, Lane Randall, Jim Salvas, Bill Scott, Anne Walters.

Review of Minutes
The minutes from our last meeting were approved with no changes.

Treasurer’s Report
No change since last month.

Please note: We are actively accepting donations!

Mission statement
Due to low attendance this was tabled to our next meeting.

Committee Reports

Due to small turn-out, committee reports were dispensed.

Other Items

  • Photography Contest: A discussion was held regarding Jim Salvas¹ ideas for holding a photography contest in Marshall Square Park in conjunction with the Chester County Camera Club. Jim will continue to ³spearhead² the project with volunteers from FMSP as needed.

    May 20, 2006, is the deadline for entries with that weekend identified for the contest and judging to be held in the park.

    Jim has coordinated with Shelagh Purnell (Director of Parks and Recreation) to include information about the contest in the West Chester Recreation Department 2006 Spring Activity Guide. More on the event will be forthcoming.

  • Fountain Garden: A discussion was held on our next project in the park. The fountain garden was selected as the next big ³need." A date will be scheduled this spring for volunteers to meet and remove the existing plantings. Anne will prepare a sketch for proposed new plantings, considering the historic character of the fountain garden and low maintenance plantings.

    Action Item: Bill Scott will inform Public Works of our intentions once a sketch is prepared.

  • FMSP Website: Lane will include a paragraph on the history of the park on the website.

  • Tree Removal/Replaceement: A brief discussion was held on the need to coordinate with the Borough Arborist on tree removal/replacement within the original park master plan.

    Action Item: Anne will follow up with Denise.

  • FMSP Logo: Logo review will be delayed until the next meeting. Anne mentioned having a professional comment on our selections.

    Action Item: Jim has another alternative logo using the historic swales to present.

  • Attendance: Brief discussion was held on ³reaching out² to neighbors to boost attendance. Tom suggested in the future meeting in members' homes instead of Borough Hall.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 22, 2006
7:00 PM, Borough Hall

Updated September 29, 2005

The Friends of Marshall Square Park is a group of concerned residents formed to support the care, preservation and improvement of our park for the benefit of the citizens of the Borough of West Chester.


  1. Preserve the park, including the arboretum, hardscape, and all historic structures.
  2. Heighten awareness at the Borough Parks and Recreation Department and among Borough Council members of the existence and mission of the Friends of Marshall Square Park.
  3. Prioritize and define park projects and present them for approval and funding to the borough.
  4. Raise additional funds through membership fees, donations, grants and fundraising events.
  5. Increase membership and awareness of our group by advertising in borough publications and promoting our group and its mission via literature drops, events, newspaper articles and word of mouth.
  6. Encourage responsible use of the park for the enjoyment of all residents by promoting appropriately scaled community activities in the park.