Friends of
Marshall Square Park
• West Chester, Pennsylvania

Meeting Minutes
November 9, 2005

Attending (5)
Jeff Beitel, Holly Brown, Deb Pekala, Linda Scott, Anne Walters.

Review of Minutes
The minutes from our last meeting were approved with no changes.

Treasurer’s Report
No change since last month. The group agreed to track contributions by project/ contributor intent.

Please note: We are actively accepting donations!

Mission statement
Due to low attendance this was tabled to our next meeting.

Committee Reports

Borough Liaison Committee:

  • Borough Parks & Recreation Committee Meeting: Anne and Jeff attended the meeting, looking for money for the project of restoring the Swiss cottage. It was looking grim but in the end the Borough committed $10,000. Our group will raise the rest, starting with the PCED grant application secured by Deb Pekala from EZ Taylor’s office.
Projects/Planning Committee:
  • Jeff has cranked out and donated very beautiful plans on which to base the bidding for the restoration. He will aim to meet the Dec 31 grant application deadline.

    As the official owners of Marshall Square Park, the borough must complete and submit the application, and Deb will contact Shelagh Purnell to manage this process. Jeff will supply the costs.

    Deb noted that we can submit the same grant through both the state House and Senate, and we agreed to pursue this course.

Communications committee:
  • We are pleased to have a website.
  • Anne passed around a logo designed by a local graphic artist, that features the leaf of the ginkgo tree. She has also heard that Jim Salvas may have a few to offer as well. Nothing was decided with respect to the logo.
Membership committee:
  • For some reason, we did not make it into the Fall issue of the Borough Park and Recreation booklet; will have to have follow-up on the next issue to be sure we get in.
  • We did get our application into the West Chester Old Fashioned Christmas insert for the Daily Local News for our luminary display.
Fundraising committee:
  • As indicated above, the first major step in fundraising will be the PCED grant application.
  • Holly has friends who are involved with the Frick Foundation, among others. They encourage us to seek funding from local and regional foundations because they think there is a lot of support in the area for preservations.
  • We could also be seeking help from local businesses, banks which are especially competitive these days, Longwood and others.
  • As a way of building interest in our organization while raising smaller amounts of dollars, she thinks plant sales in the spring and fall would be helpful.
  • Selling Marybeth’s notecards and the logo-laden mugs etc. will also help to raise awareness and a few dollars as well.
Old Fashioned Christmas:
  • Jeff explained that to line the park, we will need about 200 luminaria. They will cost $100 plus the sand and perhaps lighters; total would be about $125.
  • Ann will write up an attachment to the solicitation that Travis distributes which will invite people to make a donation to the project.
  • We need to fold the top ridges of the bags and refold them which we can all do at our next meeting.
  • Anne has recruited about five Boy Scouts who will help with the setup and the lighting.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, November 30, 2005, 7:00 PM, Borough Hall

Updated September 29, 2005

The Friends of Marshall Square Park is a group of concerned residents formed to support the care, preservation and improvement of our park for the benefit of the citizens of the Borough of West Chester.


  1. Preserve the park, including the arboretum, hardscape, and all historic structures.
  2. Heighten awareness at the Borough Parks and Recreation Department and among Borough Council members of the existence and mission of the Friends of Marshall Square Park.
  3. Prioritize and define park projects and present them for approval and funding to the borough.
  4. Raise additional funds through membership fees, donations, grants and fundraising events.
  5. Increase membership and awareness of our group by advertising in borough publications and promoting our group and its mission via literature drops, events, newspaper articles and word of mouth.
  6. Encourage responsible use of the park for the enjoyment of all residents by promoting appropriately scaled community activities in the park.