Friends of
Marshall Square Park
• West Chester, Pennsylvania

Meeting Minutes
August 31, 2005

Attending (10): Jeff Beitel, Holly Brown, Sue Casso, Dianne Herrin, Lane Randall, Bob Rogers, Jim Salvas, Bill Scott, Linda Scott, Anne Walters.

Review of Prior Minutes: No changes

Treasurer’s Report: $375 currently in our account

Mission Statement: Comments on draft mission have been received from Marybeth Phillips, Dot Laume and Anne Walters, and are still to come from Bill Scott. Jim Salvas asks that we encourage community use/activities as part of our mission. Jeff Beitel suggests keeping these events appropriately scaled to the size of the park and oriented to our local community/neighborhood.

Action item: Dianne will combine all statements/comments and circulate a final draft to the group for voting/adoption at our next meeting.

Committees: The group agreed to the following committee structure and assignments:

1-Borough Liaison Committee: Anne Walters, Jeff Beitel. Anne and Jeff will attend relevant Borough meetings to represent our group’s interest and ask for support. Per our prior meetings, their first priority will be restoration of the storage shed, heretofore referred to as the “Swiss cottage.” To make the proposal more attractive to Borough government, Bill Scott suggested proposing new uses for it (beyond storage) as part of this request.

Action item: Anne and Jeff will attend the Recreation Commission meeting on Tuesday Sept. 6 and the Recreation Committee meeting on Monday Sept. 12 to request that $29,000 be placed in the budget for restoration of the Swiss Cottage.

2-Fundraising Committee: Holly Brown, Linda Scott. (Marybeth and/or Tom were nominated in absentia.) The group voiced its unanimous support for the idea of selling Marybeth’s 5x7 “Four Seasons of Marshall Square Park” note cards.

Action item: Holly to recruit Marybeth and Tom to the Fundraising Committee and begin exploring fundraising ideas.

3-Projects/Planning Committee: Jeff Beitel, Anne Walters. This committee will help prioritize projects; obtain estimates; plan for landscaping, purchases and other project tasks; and help ensure that all new trees, new structures and restorations are in harmony with the historic character and original design of the park. The group will work from the Master Plan, which the group believes will enhance cooperation with Borough government.

Action item: Bill Scott will obtain and distribute copies of the Master Plan for all interested members.

4-Communications Committee. Lane Randall, Jim Salvas. This committee will be responsible for communicating our efforts (advertising, logo development, website).

Action item: Lane will produce a Website for critique by the group. Jim will photograph the Mayor's painting of the Swiss Cottage for a possible logo.

5-Membership Committee. Sue Casso, Bob Rogers. This committee will be responsible for membership (advertising, communications with neighbors via the Borough newsletter, membership cards).

Action item: Sue Casso will begin drafting a plan for the group to consider.

The group discussed the importance of reaching out to the “forgotten territory” on the north side of Marshall Street.

Additional Business:

• Membership: The group discussed our desire to establish broader membership via membership cards and annual fees. Several members proposed an annual membership fee of $25. In the meantime, all members are asked to continue their personal recruitment efforts and solicit contributions.

• In her absence, Marybeth suggested reading a recent Inquirer article about the Sara Delano Roosevelt Park in New York, which has gone from a haven for drug dealers to a popular bird garden, thanks in large part to a group of locals. Here’s the weblink:

Next Meeting:

Wednesday Sept 28, 7 pm, Borough Hall