Friends of
Marshall Square Park
• West Chester, Pennsylvania

Meeting Minutes
June 13, 2005

Attending (6): Diane Herrin, Tom McEvoy, Marybeth Phillips, Lane Randall, Jim Salvas, Nancy Steenhusen, Anne Walters.

The following items were discussed:

  1. All agreed that Marybeth Phillips should proceed in getting the paperwork for establishing The Friends Of Marshall Park as a non-profit organization and obtaining 501(c)(3) status. If legal assistance is required, it was recommended that Marybeth contact Bill Scott. It was agreed that we should move quickly on this process.

  2. Ideas for spreading the word about the new group were discussed
    1. Dianne Herrin will contact the Daily Local about advertising our meetings.
    2. Dianne will ask a friend about Eberhart Park's organization.
    3. Anne will contact Susan Frens about the Friends of Eberhardt park.
    4. Anne will print a new flyer for the next meeting on June 29th, and Tom McEvoy will distribute with help from neighbors and friends. A note requesting email addresses will be added to the flyer for those who cannot attend but are interested in helping.
    5. Tom will pass on email addresses from the group who might be interested in our group.
    6. It was discussed to distribute the flyers to a wide radius of Borough residents who hopefully, will support the park.
  3. Many ideas were discussed for fund raising for the group:
    1. Nancy suggested a Victorian Festival as a future goal. Music, food, costumes, decorations and activities were discussed for a unique event to showcase Marshall Square Park.
    2. Selling popcorn, lemonade, etc., at the Summer Movie nights at the park.
    3. Tables at Super Sunday, Restaurant Festival, Swingin’ Summer Thursdays, etc. that would promote the park and collect memberships and donations.
  4. Tom recommended a mission statement for the group. A rough draft was proposed:

    As the Friends of Marshall Square Park, we endeavor to raise money and awareness for improvements, beyond regular maintenance issues, in Marshall Square Park.

    One objective would be to identify several items of concern in the park that need attention and focus on those needs. It was agreed that the mission statement and objectives be discussed in the next meeting.

  5. We need someone to take on the job of developing a logo. Using the gazebo was suggested.

  6. Suggestions for alternative names for the group were discussed. We will use Friends of Marshall Square Park until another option is suggested.

    Meeting Adjourned at 7:45 PM

    Next meeting: Wednesday, June 29th at 7:00 PM at the Gazebo.

    Help pass the word!!